DOT Compliance Manager Training (24 Hour Course) - $1199

This three-day course was developed to provide knowledge and training for personnel who are required or will be required to manage a company's DOT Compliance Program. The course covers detailed requirements for motor carriers operating inside and outside of Texas. Similar courses are offered by other companies, however those classes only cover the federal regulations as they apply to interstate commerce. I designed this course to also provide the Texas Intrastate Rules and Regulations for those carriers not operating outside of the state.

With over 18 years of experience as both a DOT Trooper and company DOT Safety Manager, I can assure that anyone completing this course will be provided the most extensive and practical hands-on training to effectively and confidently manage a safety program for their company.

Students will be provided the following:

- Course Presentation Booklet
- DOT Guidance Handouts - (CDL Applicability, FMCSR Applicability, HAZMAT Tables, , Vehicle Equipment- Lights and Reflectors, Weight Table, Permit Book Requirements)
- Driver Qualification Folder Example
- Vehicle Maintenance Folder Example
- 2022 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Handbook
- 2022 CVSA Out of Service Criteria
- SCT USB Drive (Guidance Documents, Course Videos)
- Certificate of DOT Compliance Training

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DOT Audit & Recordkeeping Seminar (6 Hours) - $150

This one day seminar covers the critical items that companies will be evaluated on during a compliance review audit. This training is ideal for office and administrative personnel who are responsible for all document filing, hiring drivers, and record-keeping duties. This course does not require any prerequisites and is a great opportunity for an entry-level employee to gain basic knowledge to maintain minimal compliance requirements for their companies.

Students will be provided the following:

- Course Presentation Booklet - (Online)
- Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Pocketbook
- Driver Qualification File (Example) (Online)
- Vehicle Maintenance File (Example) (Online)
- SCT USB Card with Audit Documents (Online)

*(Online) - will receive a download link prior to seminar

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DOT Driver Equipment Training (6 Hour Course) - $350

This one-day course was developed specifically to provide companies and drivers with both classroom and practical training on how to thoroughly inspect their trucks and trailers in the same manner that I performed as a TXDPS Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Trooper. The participants will be presented with an in-depth discussion of the equipment regulations in Part 393 of the Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Participants will learn about the importance of conducting thorough pre-trip and post-trip inspections and associated liabilities. Participants will also learn about the Out of Service Criteria and how to apply it in conjunction with the equipment standards. The participants will engage in a mock walkaround inspection of commercial motor vehicles for further education and the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the classroom.

Students will be provided the following:

- PowerPoint Presentation Booklet
- CVSA Out of Service Criteria Booklet

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**This course can also be presented at your location; email or call to discuss this option.

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Commercial Vehicle & Brake Inspector Training (16 Hour Course) - $699

This  vehicle inspector training course will qualify individuals to perform annual inspections, brake inspection, and brake readjustment on commercial motor vehicles. Instruction consists of classroom training covering Part 396 (Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance) including Appendix A (Minimum Periodic Inspection Standards) and Part 393 (Vehicle Equipment Standards) of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, and practical inspection training. Students completing the training may then perform annual inspection for trucks registered with "APPORTIONED" license plates, trailers registered multi-year "TOKEN TRAILER" license plates, or out of state registered trailers.


Note: **If your truck is registered with a "COMBINATION" OR "TRAILER" license plate, you must take it to an approved TX DPS Inspection Station for an annual inspection. TXDMV will not accept a self-inspection to renew these license plates!


Students will be provided the following:

- Course Presentation Booklet
- Inspection Procedures Diagrams
- Inspection Form & Decals
- Lighting / Reflective Devices Equipment Diagrams (Truck tractor, Truck, Trailer)
- Inspection Tools (Soapstone with holder, Ruler, Tire tread depth gauge, Tire pressure air gauge)

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Dec 5 - 6 Hampton Inn (3135 E Main St Alice, TX 78332) Register 4 6 Javier Olvera, Raul Olivarez Jr., Billy Padron, Guadalupe Martinez, Abel Tunchez Jr., Luis Garibay

Basic CPR / First Aid Training (4 Hour Course) - Free

This course provides students with Basic First Aid and CPR knowledge and skills. The course is split in both knowledge assessments and practical exercise assessments for each student. Everyone completing the course will receive a two-year certification that meets most national training programs such as Red Cross, National Safety Council, etc. This course also meets the national standards for CPR training that lifeguards or care takers may be required or asked to possess in order to provide services.

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