Why did YOU miss out

Why did YOU miss out on this training course??!

Last week I attended this DOT Compliance Manager Course in Corpus Christi. This course was very informative and the instructor, Santiago Talamantez, was great!! He knows his curriculum and is VERY knowledgeable of the materials that he presents. He didn’t sugarcoat anything. As he gave us the materials, he explained why and in detail.

He would put you on the seat answering questions and included some short small work assignments/quizzes in class to test your knowledge of the materials that he gave. Going into this training course, I was somewhat knowledgeable of a few things, but some other things that I was not. Now after taking this course, I have a better understanding of what is fact and what is needed to know working in this industry.

Mr. Talamantez, thank you for your time and effort giving me this knowledge and I can’t wait until the next course!

Now everyone reading this, if you are thinking about attending this course/class, you better do so! I highly recommend this course because it is well worth the cost and time to attend. If you own a trucking company or work in management, I highly encourage y’all to attend and get educated on DOT Compliance and the liabilities associated with operating as a motor carrier!