This class was definitely the

This class was definitely the best training I’ve ever done. Santiago is very knowledgeable in the material he teaches, he gives a lot of real life examples of what he is teaching and he takes the extra time to be sure that everyone in his classes are comprehending what is being taught instead of just speaking on it and moving on. In his classes you are getting a mix of videos, pictures, life experiences, on top of a really well thought out powerpoint so no matter what kind of learner you are he has something for everyone to be able to grasp the material. He also provides a copy of his powerpoint for you in a good quality booklet amongst other really good material, cheat sheets and booklets all for you to take with you to continue learning even after you leave the class. I highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone in a safety position; it is absolutely worth your money and your time and I look forward to taking more of Santiago’s classes.