This class was definitely the best training I’ve ever done. Santiago is very knowledgeable in the material he teaches, he gives a lot of real life examples of what he is teaching and he takes the extra time to be sure that everyone in his classes are comprehending what is being taught instead of just speaking on it and moving on. In his classes you are getting a mix of videos, pictures, life experiences, on top of a really well thought out powerpoint so no matter what kind of learner you are he has something for everyone to be able to grasp the material. He also provides a copy of his powerpoint for you in a good quality booklet amongst other really good material, cheat sheets and booklets all for you to take with you to continue learning even after you leave the class. I highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone in a safety position; it is absolutely worth your money and your time and I look forward to taking more of Santiago’s classes.

Giovanni De La Cerda
DOT Coordinator
Troy Services LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Is very good and really appreciate attending this course.

Lazaro De la Concepcion
RCA Superior Carrier LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I 100% recommend Santiago’s 3-Day DOT Compliance Course. His experience as an enforcer and educational background is extremely impressive. I had very little knowledge before the class, but now he was able to make me feel more confident and gave me the tools to be able to succeed. Great instructor, highly recommend! 😊

Kayla Ellis
HR/DOT Manager
Willda Beast, LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Santiago was definitely informative. The material is simplified as much as possible, and clears up a lot of grey areas that you may have.

Bernard Bradley
DOT coordinator
Butch’s Trucking
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Santiago’s training is very thorough. He teaches the material as well as how to find the answers you need after you leave the training. He has experience not only as a DOT Inspector, and State Trooper but also as a former DOT Manager. Because of his experience he’s able to offer training from the Law Enforcement side as well as the “company side”. I’m able to go from the classroom to the office and apply his training right away. I’m so grateful I found this training. It’s really helped me understand what is needed to help my company succeed and be DOT Compliant.

Tanya Forbes
DOT Specialist
Covenant Trucking
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I’m very Impressed!! DOT Compliance Manager Training Course it’s the BEST. Very Informative and extensive training.

Rene Manzano
Trucking Supervisor
Longhorn Tubular Services LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I have been driving a truck in the oilfield for 20 + years. I thought that I knew most of the driving regulations in trucking. I was wrong! This 3 day class was the best thing that has happened for me. I am glad that I was able to take it in Midland. I learned so much in the three days, so much knowledge that I want to move forward with the other classes that he has to ensure proper compliance and training of employees under me.

Thank you sir,

Stan Robinson
Centurion Pipeline HES North
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Santiago was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job explaining the material and was very useful.

Wayne Jones
Midland College
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Wow. What can I say. After taking this course I can truly say I am a much better and knowledgeable employee for my company. I found out real quick that I was not at the level I thought I was. Santiago’s method of teaching and tools he gives you, make it so much easier to understand the rules and regulations of DOT. There’s no other course out there better to help cover and understand this topic. Thanks again Santiago for putting this presentation together to help better my career and position in an industry where safety is not really explained and enforced.

Juan DeLeon
Longhorn Tubular Services
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Santiago is very educated in DOT as he has worked in both side in the DOT world. He was very detailed in every chapter we touched. He was a very good instructor and highly recommend him!!

Abigail Longoria
DOT Manager
Triple C Oilfield Services LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Extremely impressed!! The curriculum was very thorough and supportive of all learning types visual, verbal,& hands on. His delivery of explanation, examples and followup conversation unraveled the many misconceptions of DOT interpretation and actually taught DOT regulations without opinion or false information. In addition to the curriculum Santiago goes beyond classroom training to ensure post assistance offering many options such as video, phone call, and even subscription to an advanced means of references discussed during training for refreshment. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field and his background experience support his teaching method and information provided. I will definitely be continuing my educational options with this same instructor in other courses in the future. I recommend for many who don’t have an avenue to learn more about DOT compliance to take this course instructed by Santiago.

Toni Gonzales
Compliance Facilitator
Black Drop Trucking
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Santiago was very informative and knowledgeable on subject matter but most of all presented the class in a manner that wasn’t dry and kept everyone engaged. Was most impressed with the quality of handouts that we were giving to us for our benefit and can tell he is constantly trying to improve his course and the amount of information that is available to us because it most definitely is a lot of information to try to absorb in 3 days. He has other courses available and I will personally try to attend everything I can. Would recommend to anyone trying to move into this area.

Joseph West
DOT Compliance Manager / Drilling Superintendent
Sendero Well Service Company
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This 3-Day Course was by far the most educational course I have attended. Santiago’s experience and educational background made this course even more exciting. His instructional methods kept the group involved and eager to learn.

Anthony Rodriquez
Fleet and Logistics Manager
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I took the DOT manager course at Midland College. It has made me feel more confident and better prepared in DOT compliance. I highly recommend on taking the course if you’re in a DOT management position or in the trucking industry.

Miguel Reyes
Yard Manager
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This class was very informative. the instructor was well educated on the topics he presented. I recommend this course for future education in this industry.

Doug Shoemate
Vice President
Stride Oilfield Services LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Excelente su capacitacion su curso entendible ameno y se aprende uno bien!

Simon Torres
TM Transportation
Capacitación Para Inspectores de Frenos y Vehículos Comerciales

Excelente el servicio de capacitación!

Jose Alejandro Serna Alaniz
TM Transportation
Capacitación Para Inspectores de Frenos y Vehículos Comerciales

Great information looking forward to attend other classes!

Rogelio Sanchez
Greatway Transportation
DOT Audit & Recordkeeping Seminar

This was a very insightful class, very well presented. Great training and actually enjoyed learning.

Jason Bordayo
QC/Lead Tech
Commercial Vehicle & Brake Inspector Training

Gracias por el apoyo Santiago! Estuvo muy completo y entendible los temas bien comprendido y espero llevarlo a cabo con mucha Responsabilidad y Profesionalismo saludos y hasta pronto…


Simon Torres Banda
Capacitación Para Inspectores de Frenos y Vehículos Comerciales

Excelente muy bien explicado y nos abrio los conocimiento al respecto!

Rafael Esteban Torres Pupo
Gerente Operaciones
Rocket Secure Cargo
Capacitación Para Inspectores de Frenos y Vehículos Comerciales

Awesome class gave great perspectives from DOT side and commercial company side, he offers a one stop shop for everything to stay with in DOT compliance. Put at ease with DOT myths and can enforce compliance with information and material to back it up.

Prentice Darnell
Operations Supervisor
Troy Services llc
Commercial Vehicle & Brake Inspector Training


Maria Zambrano Flores
Vice President
Nereyda & Brothers Logistics LLC
DOT Audit & Recordkeeping Seminar

Great course on how to do an commercial vehicle inspection and also understand what DOT looks for during an inspection.

Eduardo Rodriguez
Safety Manager
TM Transportation
Commercial Vehicle & Brake Inspector Training

BY far one of the best trainings, I have gotten. Very knowledgeable and explements all the proper information you need. highly recommend this class.

Juan Enriquez
Terminal Manger
Commercial Vehicle & Brake Inspector Training

I’ve attended 3 different courses and will continue to attend from Mr. Santiago and I’ve learned so much in all of them. Mr. Santiago has a lot of knowledge and is willing to share it all. I encourage anyone in the Safety field to attend any class he has to offer. Thank you Mr. Santiago for the knowledge!!!

Albino Saldana
Safety Manager
Texas Carriers, LLC
Commercial Vehicle & Brake Inspector Training

The seminar is highly recommended, Santiago is very knowledgeable and gives very clear information.

Victoria Marquez
Safety Coordinator
Tum Logistics Carrier Division
DOT Audit & Recordkeeping Seminar


Seminario de Auditoría y Mantenimiento de Registros de DOT

Excelente informacion, muy recomendable!

Sergio G. Luna
Safety Manager
Lunort Logistics Corp
Seminario de Auditoría y Mantenimiento de Registros de DOT

It was very informative; Santiago is very knowledgeable and went through intense detail of the DOT Auditing process and what to expect, what to work on, and  answers to any questions anyone has. I would highly recommend Santiago to any transportation company that is looking to do things the correct way.

Yanett Gonzalez
MS Express Inc.
DOT Audit & Recordkeeping Seminar

This was a very informative seminar with great visuals and easy to follow curriculum. Thank you for all the useful information.

Letty Aguilera
DOT & Logistics coordinator
Deep Well Services
DOT Audit & Recordkeeping Seminar

It was a great seminar. It touched based on all of the main parts the DOT asked me in my Audit.

Ivan Lopez
Fleet Maintenance Manager
Maverick Express Carriers LLC
DOT Audit & Recordkeeping Seminar

El curso al que asiste que el de gerente de cumplimiento DOT es totalmente NECESARIO para cada empresa transportista con operaciones en US. El nivel de detalles y conocimiento que obtienes ademas del material de trabajo tienen lo necesario para ponerte a trabajar despues del curso en remediar la situacion de tu empresa.

Sinuhe Camacho
General Manager
Karzo Transportes
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento DOT

The seminar was very educational and informative. I like the Zoom class and the slides presented during this time. At my own time I’m able to go back and review anything that I missed.

Excited for future classes with Mr. Santiago.

Thank you, again.

Angie DeLosSantos

Angie DeLosSantos
Triple L and Sons Inc.
DOT Audit & Recordkeeping Seminar



We have had our authority for a month. Couldn’t find what we needed to put in our drivers file. When I found the training webinar I had no idea every thing I was going to learn. I enjoyed the way he explained everything where I could understand it. Gave the area you could find it in the FMCSA handbook and explained what it meant he always willing to take questions and answers so you can understand. I would definitely recommend this webinar to people that just got their authority. So much to know.

Heather Baumgartner
Vice President
TB Trucking LLC
DOT Audit & Recordkeeping Seminar

For me the course was a new experience, I was totally unaware of how the DOT works, my job is to follow up on accidents in the United States and I realized how important it is to know the DOT Regulations to be able to carry out a legal process in a way that can be managed and not be huge losses of money for the company.

I am very grateful for the course given and look forward to new courses!


Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento DOT

I have looked for months for a thorough DOT Compliance Course to stack into my EHS training and was lucky enough to come across what Santiago is doing. Well worth the price of admission and then some. Course was very helpful for understanding the minimum requirements of DOT fleet management for both inter and intrastate commerce. Cannot recommend these courses enough for anyone starting a trucking company or trying to establish a foundational knowledge of DOT Compliance. The guidance and training materials supplied throughout the course will be invaluable to furthering my understanding in the subject matter. Would recommend training with Santiago to all companies that operate DOT regulated vehicles.

George Reynolds
Assistant Manager
Monahans Iron and Metal
DOT Compliance Manager Training

To All,

The class is very informative and in depth with a lot of information. There is a great class atmosphere, information, and experiences are shared by all. You will receive everything you need from this course; from pens to references, Santiago gives you what you need.
He brings great experiences from his law enforcement side to him actually working in the business side. He is a well rounded professional. He even brings law enforcement agent to the class, and you get to question about what they look for in a DOT stop of vehicles. I will definitely will be attending the other courses he offers. Thank you.



Joseph P Chiaramonte
Fleet Manager / DOT Compliance
United Clearing Services
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Santiago is extremely knowledgeable and clearly outlines the things you need to know to stay compliant with DOT. Definitely recommend this course to anyone that deals with DOT compliance for their company. I knew I would learn a lot, but I learned way more than I expected.

Jackson Webb
Vice President, Operations
Opifex, LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I had a great experience taking this class. It brought me up to the level of DOT training that I needed and taught me the difference between what I thought DOT was and what DOT actually is.

Rolando Espinoza
DOT / Safety
Post Recycling
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Recomiendo ampliamente el curso al 100%, el instructor tiene excelente dominio del tema por su experiencia como oficial ,como inspector y consultor, le da mucha ventaja con diferencia a otros cursos que se ofrecen ya que conoce todas la partes involucradas en una audtoria.

Excelente persona, excelente dominio del tema, excelente material.

Nelson Torrecilla
Nelson Torrecilla
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento DOT

Un excelente curso, se aprende mucho sobre las regulaciones de la FMCSA, 100% recomendado.

Francisco Javier Hernandez Tellez
RAM Trucking SA de CV
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento DOT

Highly recommend this very informative course to those that want to gain further DOT knowledge. Santiago is a great instructor and knows his stuff 100%. He explained everything with in depth details. And makes sure you are not left with any questions, doubts or concerns. He breaks everything down in a way that will have you engaged and you’ll for sure obtain a full understanding of all the DOT regulations. Thanks Santiago!

Tracey Vallejo
S & V Logistics LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This course was so informative. Straight up facts taught, backed up with evidence and experience. Great for anyone who’s barely starting like myself to anyone whose been in the business for years and wants to know how to do things correctly.

Catalina Costilla
Safety Compliance
100 Corporation LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This was a very informative class. By attending this class, I feel I will be able to better prepare our company for a possible DOT audit. I would recommend any that is in the trucking industry to attend this class.

Patricia Rodriguez
Office Manager
RWC Material, LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Got a lot of great information that will for sure help our company, its a good deal you get more than what you pay for. I recommend this class 100%.

Michelle A Perales
Carson Freight LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Highly recommended training class. Very informative and well explained by Mr. Talamantez.

Fernando Diaz de Leon
Safety Advisor
Jara G Business Services
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Santiago and came to know him as a precious asset to our team. I do highly recommend it. Everything was in detail. Love it!!

Erika Ramos
Owner / Operator
Hermanos Ramos Trucking CO. LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Santiago’s DOT training was the best training class I have ever been to! I will definitely be signing up for his Advanced DOT class when it becomes available!

Stephen Baltazar
Savage Group LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

The training was terrific. Extremely informative and engaging. Looking forward to the extended class.. thanks Mr. Talamantez!

Miguel Melendez
Operation Manager
Texas Style Rentals
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Attended this class to further my knowledge in the DOT regulations. Santiago was well prepared and organized and presented well. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to further their knowledge.

Leo L Salgado
DOT Compliance Manager
Ace Fluid Solutions
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Great info and study material provided! Definitely recommend this class.

Sally Salazar
Safety Manager
Cargo Care Inc
DOT Compliance Manager Training

The class was very well structured and passed fast. Never got bored of it, since there was always something new to learn. I learned so much from this course and learned new things that I didn’t know needed to be complied with. Definitely worth going and a very good investment!

Cynthia Avina
MG Transports
DOT Compliance Manager Training

A lot of great information in this course. I came in with very little knowledge of DOT requirements and now feel comfortable with many of the areas. I now know where to go to find the information I need. The resources provided in class are very valuable.

J.B. Dominguez
Manager - Health & Safety
Brazos Electric Cooperative
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Very satisfied with the course. The information provided by Mr. Talamantez was extremely helpful. I took the course wanting to know what I needed to have if I would ever get a DOT Audit and came out with more knowledge than I expected. It was very intense but well worth it. I highly recommend this course.

Sergio Galindo
Owner / Operator
SMG Construction LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

The class was very informative, for those that are in the transportation industry.

Antonio Romero
Transport Continenal Inc
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Great material and knowledge to use in an every day DOT regulated operation.

Jose Calderon
DOT Compliance
WTO Services
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This 3 day course is a great, in depth course for all levels of DOT knowledge.

You will definitely learn more than what you will from other courses. This course is well explained, simplified, and the materials given to students is more than what you’d get from any courses.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s new to DOT or needs a refresher.

Mario Canales Jr, SSH, CSHO
QHSE Director
Greene’s Energy Group, LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I fully appreciated this course. I am new to this field and I was pretty overwhelmed but after leaving this class I’m more confident that I can go back and utilize what I learned. I highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to further their knowledge. I will be attending more of Santiago’s classes in the future.

Courtney Tarango
Cherry Transport
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Excellent class. Extremely informative. I felt I was educated and understood a lot in DOT until I took the class. I feel now that I have a lot more confidence in my day to day with a much clearer outlook on the subject.

Santiago is a world of knowledge and an excellent communicator. I look for forward to the next class I can take with him.

Todd Thompson
QHSE and DOT Supervisor
Greene’s Energy Group
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I’ve was introduced to Mr. Santiago Talamantez several years ago, and his knowledge is unprecedented in this subject matter. His extensive experience and knowledge as a past DOT Trooper and Safety Manager puts him in a field of knowledge above the rest. This course is not only worth your time but the resources received are unmatched to anything else. I definitely completed this course with renewed faith in my ability and eagerness to continue to grow in my DOT knowledge with extreme confidence and guidance from Mr. Santiago. I highly recommend business owners as well as staff and or anyone who want to understand this high demand industry to attend not only this course but any course offered my Mr. Talamantez because his level of expertise is next to none in my opinion. Blessed and grateful to consider him not only a friend but fantastic instructor who is invested in his course material and in the success of all those who attend his courses. Continued success in all your future endeavors.

Kristy M Pando
Business Administrator
N & R Construction
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Probably the best DOT course I ever sat through. Santiago is probably the most knowledgeable DOT instructor I’ve ever known. Would highly recommend this course to anyone in a DOT position.

Eric Ortega
North America Trucking Supervisor
WDS Transport LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Excellent course. I learned to see SAFETY in a different way. Now i have a lot of work. Thank you Santiago. Great master.

Rafael Omar Zurita Garza
Safety Manager
Trucka USA LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

The 3 day training was well worth it, it gives you a lot of information and resources that are well explained by the instructor. I liked that is also practical with exercises where you apply what was learned in the safety regulations.

Roberto von Bertrab
HR Manager
Trucka USA
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I felt confident in the fact I would leave Mr. Santiago’s course with so much more knowledge then I had before. From the moment the introduction to the course was made I felt like I was at the right and only place there was for ME to be able to gain much more knowledge in DOT Compliance. The way the information was taught to my class would even perpetuate even greater questions I’d ask to my team before. All in all a 5/5 training, and a 10/10 instructor.

Carlos Herrera
Safety Director
ICE Logistics
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Great wealth of knowledge that was gained in this training. Instructor was straight to the point and cleared some questions I had.

Deborah Cipriano
Safety Manager
TUM Logistics
DOT Compliance Manager Training

In my seventeen year career as a CMV driver, I have not heard anybody give this kind of training. When I signed up, I was not sure how it was going to be presented. However, I was surprised since the first hour I was there Mr. Santiago has a strong knowledge from his previous work as a Trooper of the DOT regulations and explain in vivid detail those regulations. I am very impress of his presentation, all the material he put together to hand you down and knowledge you get about those regulation and the ability he give you to understand how important this is when it becomes a accident with one of your trucks in the road. It’s worth this training, of Compliance Manager for DOT regulations every penny you invest. Every trucking company and their owners need to take this training for the safety of your drivers and the safety of other drivers on the road and for the safety of the overall bottom line of your company.

Hernán Aldrete
CDL Driver
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Very good training. DOT updates. great material

Misael Carrillo
Safety / Terminal Manager
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

Excelente curso, proporciona las herramientas necesarias para poder leer, interpretar y aplicar la legislacion del DOT.

Edgar R. Alvizo

Edgar Alvizo
VADI Carriers LLC
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

I took this course and it focuses on things that all Safety Managers should know. It has helped me to understand more my job. It is a very complete course, from the information that it contains, straight from the book, to all the material that is provided to work with during the course. It is very hands on and it gives you real world examples of the transportation business and from the instructor’s experience.

Christian Alvarado
TM Transportation Services LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Great class, very easy to follow. Instructor takes his time to make sure we understand what is he is teaching. I would recommend it to any trucking company. Money well spent , keep up the good work. 👍🏾

Victor De La Garza
Safety Coordinator
Soliz Optimum
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Great course!!! Truly helped myself and company gain a clear understanding on regulations. Instructor dedication and passion to coach and mentor those attending this course made it a great experience. Although a lot of information is taught in short time (almost feeling over whelmed), instructor presented curriculum in a way that didn’t leave us feeling unprepared. I personally appreciate what Santiago is doing in preparing the DOT managers to better themselves and their organizations. Look forward in attending second week of training. Again, thanks Santiago and see you in April.

Julio Lobato
Strata Innovative Solutions
DOT Compliance Manager Training

If you want to learn the truth nothing but the truth take this class, every single penny is so worth it.
He’s the most realistic and honest instructor you ever find.

Susy Moreno
DOT Compliance
West Texas Dumpsters
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Santiago delivered a class that was very informational answered any and all questions and spent time making sure we knew and was satisfied with the questions he answered. I would highly recommend this course.

Christopher Frazier
Equipment / DOT Manager
Diversified Field Services
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Very informative class and even being in the industry dealing with this everyday you still learn something new. I urge anyone in the industry to attend this course and continue learning.

Eric Juarez
CDL Instructor
Midland College
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Un curso muy recomendable en donde aprendes acerca de las reglas de la FMCSA.

Personalmente es una herramienta que adquiri para impartirla en mi lugar de trabajo.

Jose Mendez
Zaro Transportation
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

Excelente curso! recomendado al 100% ya que se te explica a fondo todo lo que se debe saber en este ramo del Transporte en cuanto a las regulaciones del DOT…

Juan Carlos Martinez
Ejecutivo de Trafico Sr.
Transfrontera SA de CV
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

Excelente curso!! recomendado para toda persona que este en este rubro de trabajo. En lo personal aprendi muchas otras cosas que no sabia sobre las regulaciones del US DOT, soy fiel creyente de que la educacion es algo muy importante al igual que seguirte capacitando y actualizandote para seguir a la vanguardia en cuestion de todos estos temas. Muchas gracias a Santiago por el buen curso/entrenamiento.

Christian Arana
Safety Manager
PG Carrier Logisitic LLC
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

Esta muy bien el curso, Santiago provee mucha información y da material para interpretar mejor las regulaciones.

Francisco Bernabe Martinez
Jefe de Mantenimiento
Frio Express
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

This class was very informative, and Mr. Talamantez was very engaging with every student in the class. As a driver operator, it was very beneficial to learn more on the DOT side including out of service criteria, driver qualification files, and vehicle maintenance files. I highly recommend taking this class if you’re a driver and want to learn more of the DOT side or if you want to eventually get off the truck and be part of the DOT compliance team for your company.

Roland Vasquez
Driver Operator
US Ecology
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I came in to the class with zero experience, but after taking the class I learned a lot more than I could of ask for. The classes are easy to understand and thanks to the teacher who is very knowledgeable. Got my money worth, I strongly recommend this courses to everyone. I plan to take more courses.

Rafael Davila
DOT Compliance Manager Training

One of the best investments that any company could make! It’s a very detailed course that is helping me out a lot; I was more than satisfied and really happy that I was able to attend. Very good instructor and pretty straightforward with the combination of material given makes it even more worth it.. definitely recommend it.

Diego Garcia
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I highly recommend taking this training, for new or established companies. By far it will be the best investment for 2022. It’s detailed and straightforward. Guaranteed that it will save you $$$ by preventing citations. Also, the take home material is above and beyond of what was expected. Thank you, Santiago! 🙏🏼 Great job and it is worth every penny.

Hector Gordillo
Emaus Transportation LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

If you’re going to invest in yourself or your company, do it with this training. He just doesn’t tell you what the regulations are; he shows you where they are at and has several exercises for you to do to make sure you understand. He makes sure you get the topic before moving forward. Don’t think about the price because I honestly think this class is cheap for the knowledge he gives you!

Albino Saldana
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This is an excellent training! Great Content! Santiago provided training on everything I was needing information on, as well as clarifications on many misconceptions and misinformation I was given previous to this training. It is a must for anyone handling DOT.

Diana Awbrey
Longhorn Services, Inc.
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I would recommend this class to anybody looking to either the enter the field or refresh your skills. The instructor is very knowledgeable and invites questions. He keeps you engaged and the class is not regular boring classroom setting. You definitely get your moneys worth!

Michael Johnson
Safety / Crane Compliance / Dispatch
Bay Ltd. / Berry Crane and Heavy Haul
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Class was extremely informative, great explanations of exactly what the facts and laws are instead of opinions, hearsay, and interpretations.

Jere Koonce
Trucking Supervisor
Bay Ltd / Berry Crane & Heavy Haul
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Very informative, very in depth. Been a trucker for 15 years and learned things I didn’t know and should have known. Cleared up lots of myths and trucker talk and misleading information. Ton of knowledge gained in a 3 day period, looking forward to a 2nd week course and become a more educated DOT safety supervisor.

David LeBlanc
DOT Compliance / Safety Coordinator
Jarco Ready Mix
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Starting as a new owner/operator, this course was very informative and many of the rules and regulations applied to the hotshot field which I did not know. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to do any kind commercial vehicle movement.

David Flores
Owner / Operator
Rise & Shine Freight Taxi LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

5*’s no doubt, IT’S WORTH IT…..

Arody Mendez
Sam’s Transport Solution
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Un curso con muy valiosa informacion, muy completo, ayuda mucho para conocer la importancia de hacer las cosas bien, y llevar un buen registro y procemiento en lo que es el transporte.

Jorge Montemayor
LV Express LLC
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

Objetivo alcanzado, información de lo más actualizado y realmente lo esperado, agradecido con el instructor Santiago, pues el material que impartió fue de gran calidad y la forma de desempeñar la clase fue estratégica para el aprendizaje.

Eduardo Hernandez
Lalo’s Trucking
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

A fairly comprehensive course, increases knowledge, very complete with a variety of updated examples, an excellent interpretation and instruction on the subject. So professional, congratulations!!

Elsa Rebolloso
Valbri Group Trucking LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

First I would like to say this course was very informative and included both Texas state law and federal regulations. Being a 3 day course and actually learn that material was amazing and was well worth the price; not to mention Mr. Talamantez kept the class interesting and wanting to learn and ask questions in the different sections of the course. I recommend this course hands down… 5 stars for sure.

Adam Erebia
Safety Coordinator
Supreme Production Services
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This was a very informative course that I really recommend anyone to take whether you’re a beginner or not. The information given and the material given for you to take home is very useful. Can’t wait to take the 2nd part of this course.

OB Luera
Toro Oilfield Services
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Santiago’s teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. Doesn’t waste your time. Knowledge provided worth every dime. Material presented & provided was put together with a lot of thought.

Alfredo Cruz
Safety Coordinator
Transportes de la Torre
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Much gracias por el entrenamiento, excellente curso! Muy informativo, vale la pena, la inversion y el tiempo invertido. Para todos que andan buscando orentacion y apollo con la regulaciones requeridas por DOT en Safety/Compliance este es el curso que debes de tomar.

Maria Rojas
Company Manager
Zii Rojas Transport, LLC
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

Es un curso muy completo nos prepara para llevar una compañía de transporte por completo desde un inicio y para hacer las cosas como lo marca la ley. Además incluye todas las herramientas necesarias para desarrollarlo en la compañía al 100%.
Gracias y que Dios te bendiga por tanta dedicación.

Gladys Gonzalez
General Manager
Frema USA, INC
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

El curso es bastante bueno, abarca los aspectos generales de la regulacion de DOT y la mejor parte es que te provee de material en Español que puedes llevarte a tu empresa para leerlo con calma y consultarlo. Te provee aparte de formatos, ejemplos e incluso de que documentacion necesitas tener en tus archivos por chofer para cumplir con lo requerido por DOT. Fui parte de la primera clase en Español y estoy segura que ira mejorando cada vez. Santiago promueve mucho la participacion del grupo durante la clase y en general el ambiente que se maneja durante todo el entrenamiento es de amabilidad, respeto y con libertad de hacer todas las preguntas necesarias.

Roxana Valles
HR & Safety Manager
Trans-National Express
Capacitación del Gerente de Cumplimiento del DOT

This is a great class if you are new to Safety/Compliance and a must if you think you know Safety/Compliance, this class will shatter any fairytales you may have heard in or around the industry and will give you straight answers and although a bit pricey it is worth every penny and will leave you asking when the next class will be.

Jovani Mora
Safety Compliance Specialist
Transport Continental Inc.
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I can’t recommend this class enough! As the DOT Manager in our office, I learned so much that will not only make our operations safer, but more efficient and productive. Santiago is extremely knowledgeable and shares his knowledge and experience in a way that keeps the entire class engaged. There was a great balance of teaching, discussion and hands on learning. Having the tools and resources we need to understand regulations and laws is invaluable.

Amanda Kocurek
Kocurek Land Improvement, Inc
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Why did YOU miss out on this training course??!

Last week I attended this DOT Compliance Manager Course in Corpus Christi. This course was very informative and the instructor, Santiago Talamantez, was great!! He knows his curriculum and is VERY knowledgeable of the materials that he presents. He didn’t sugarcoat anything. As he gave us the materials, he explained why and in detail.

He would put you on the seat answering questions and included some short small work assignments/quizzes in class to test your knowledge of the materials that he gave. Going into this training course, I was somewhat knowledgeable of a few things, but some other things that I was not. Now after taking this course, I have a better understanding of what is fact and what is needed to know working in this industry.

Mr. Talamantez, thank you for your time and effort giving me this knowledge and I can’t wait until the next course!

Now everyone reading this, if you are thinking about attending this course/class, you better do so! I highly recommend this course because it is well worth the cost and time to attend. If you own a trucking company or work in management, I highly encourage y’all to attend and get educated on DOT Compliance and the liabilities associated with operating as a motor carrier!

Lawrence J. Rivas
HSE Manager
South Texas Oilfield Solutions, LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I had the opportunity to attend the DOT Compliance Managers Course in Corpus Christi, Texas on the week of May 11-14. This course was by far the best DOT course that I have attended. Mr. Talamantez is very knowledgeable and I’m glad that he shared his knowledge with the class. Going into the class on the first day I believed that my knowledge was pretty high, but as we went along through the course I realized that my knowledge was not what I that it was. Once again Thank You Mr. Talamantez. Can’t wait for the next course..
I highly recommend this class, well worth the cost to attend! I also encourage owners and managers to attend.

Carlo Tanguma
Safety Director
South Texas Oilfield Solutions, LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This was a very informative and helpful class for anyone in the Oilfield Industry who deals with the transportation of goods and services in Inter as well as Intra state. It is well worth the time and money. Highly recommend!!

Gilberto Montemayor
Safety and Sales Professional
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This was an awesome DOT training class. As someone that has attended a lot of training classes in the transportation industry over the last 40 years, this class was hands down the best. Santiago has so much knowledge in this field and is happy to share all of it with the class attendees. If your company operates any size CMV in Texas or other States, this class will definitely help you understand the rules you must comply with. I highly recommend this training !!! Bobby Tuttle / CIRT

Bobby Tuttle
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This class is the best class I’ve attended. Instructor is professional and makes it interesting enough to where you’re paying attention and learning. He doesn’t hesitate to take your question and shows you in the book where your answer is. Best DOT class hands down. If you haven’t spent your stimulus or income tax check, spend it here.

Albino Saldana
Texas Carriers LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Santiago is a great instructor, very organized, explained the material very well. I highly recommend this training for ANY transportation company. This training is great for someone starting off in the transportation industry, or even someone who is wanting to be up to date with DOT regulations/safety material.

Thank you!

Sonya Quiroz
DSM Transport LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I attended the four-day DOT Compliance Manager Training in Midland, TX. The course was laid out in easy to understand sections. Trainer was extremely knowledgeable in all material. Was provided several tools to use going forward. I would recommend this training for entry level DOT managers.

Manuel Trevino
Fleet Supervisor
GTG Automation
DOT Compliance Manager Training

I attended the four day DOT Compliance Manager Training in Midland, TX. The course was laid out in easy to understand sections. Trainer was extremely knowledgeable in material. Was provided several tools to use going forward. I would recommend this training for entry level DOT mangers to the more experienced DOT persons. Look forward to more training in the future.

Rhonda Reed
DOT Compliance Coordinator
Bird Electric
DOT Compliance Manager Training

This four day course was very thorough, detailed and organized for someone who has very little knowledge to seasoned veterans that are eager to learn. I really appreciate all the information, questions asked/answered and the references to be confident in protecting the public, company personnel and ultimately our company. Thank you Santiago!

Carlos Villarreal
Transportation Manager
J&S Oilfield Services
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Great course, highly recommended for anyone who is interested in learning about the regulations and safety. The lecture is extremely detailed and you can practice everything you learn at the end of the course inspecting a vehicle yourself.

Santiago takes the time to make sure you understand the rules and that you know how to navigate through the regulations for future reference. The training is very interactive and Santiago makes it super easy to understand the topics. He encourages you to ask questions and challenges you to learn more.

By the end of the training you are able to comprehend the complex rules and regulations that are required by DOT.

Daniel Davila
Transnet Inc
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Highly recommend this course! I’ve been in the Transportation Industry for 14+ years and had some DOT compliance knowledge, but with this course I found out I had much more to learn. I  and did learn it in the 4 days we were in the course. Great instructor, he knows how to explain compliance rules and help you find answers to questions.

I strongly believe that all trucking companies should send their Safety or DOT Manager or anyone in the company dealing with the compliance to this course. This training will help anyone better understand not only HOW to comply with the regulations, but get a better understanding of WHY we need to comply.

We never stop learning and you we never know what we can do until we try!

Abby Alanis
Driver Manager
UMC International Carriers Inc
DOT Compliance Manager Training

Great class and very informative. Santiago always has a positive attitude and answers all questions and makes sure you understand everything he is teaching. Santiago doesn’t pretend to know it all even though he is very knowledgeable in all aspects of DOT and safety and he will show you how to find the answers your looking for in the books so you understand the actual laws. The classroom materials are detailed and help you follow along with his instruction. I highly recommend any course he has to offer; this was the best safety training I have ever attended. Looking forward to his next training in Laredo.

Marco Robles
Best Rush Services
DOT Compliance Manager Training

The training is rich and abundant in safety rules & regulations. It is defined and explained in a way that the trainee can be confident on where to go to and what to look for related to FMCSA regulations & minimum compliance. The class is very interactive, open to Q & A with honest clarifications and sound understanding of the regulations from Santiago Talamantez.

Two words: Awesome course!

Juan E Rodriguez
DOT Compliance Manager Training

As a safety professional of 12 years, I have been through several DOT training courses and thought I knew almost everything that I needed to know, but never learned as much as I did when I went through Santiago’s DOT Course. Santiago was very knowledgeable and explained things so they were easy to understand. I would highly recommend his classes; it’s obvious he takes the time to fully understand the topics he is teaching.

Eddie White
Safety Manager
Phoenix Services, LLC
DOT Compliance Manager Training

The instructor, Santiago Talamantez was extremely knowledgeable and provided a wealth of information about DOT Regulations; what types of drivers licenses are needed for different vehicle combinations, Texas Intrastate Exemptions to the regulations, driver qualifications, and vehicle maintenance (and so much more)… He was answered every question anyone had in depth and kept us interested throughout the whole course. This course was exactly what I needed to further my knowledge in DOT Compliance. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that has questions or needs training in this field. I appreciate all of Santiago’s hard work and dedication he has put into this course and his willingness to share it… I’m looking forward to taking his 4 day course in February 2021.

Indya L. Kohutek
DOT Compliance
Advanced Stimulation Technologies, Inc.
DOT Compliance Seminar

Honestly, when I signed up for the DOT Compliance Seminar, I thought I knew everything and all I was gonna do was reinforce my knowledge about DOT. I was completely wrong! There’s a lot more information to this that we need to know and I couldn’t be any more satisfied with this course. Just how Santiago said “Everything you know before we start, make sure to put it in your pocket for now”. You can’t go wrong with this course and even better when it’s a person who has been in this industry for so long. I am looking forward to the four day course.

Thank You Santiago!


Ammy Pando
DOT Administrator
Rubio's Paving, LLC
DOT Compliance Seminar

Prior to attending the DOT Compliance Course taught by Santiago I knew just the basics about it or so I thought. After the 1st day of the training I realized I didn’t really know anything about DOT. This course that Santiago has put together is by far the best DOT training I have ever attended. He is very thorough with the information as well as an engaging presenter who allows opportunities to ask lots of questions. This seminar by far has more than met my expectations and would HIGHLY recommend anyone wanting to expand their knowledge in this industry contact him for his upcoming seminar dates.

Jason Sanchez
Safety Specialist III
Pioneer Natual Resources
DOT Compliance Manager Training

If it was not for the training I did with Santiago, my little girl would be gone! While at a family BBQ , my 1-year old daughter began choking and I had to perform CPR on her. Thank God for the training we did and remembering to keep calm like he tells you in the class, I can’t thank him enough. I would highly recommend everyone going to Santiago for any training needs.

Brandon Rogers
Driller's Helper
Braun Intertec
Training Courses - First Aid & CPR / HAZWOPER / SafeLand Orientation

Santiago Talamantez is one the most intelligent, hard working people I have had the pleasure of working with and is a great family man too. When we worked together as Troopers conducting DOT inspections, Santiago was able to comprehend and excel so quickly that our chain of command saw fit that he taught some of the harder courses to new inspectors and troopers.  A few of those courses included hazardous materials and cargo tank certification. Santiago is very professional and respected and is still often times called by some of our personnel for answers to questions they may have while out in the field. This shows the impact that his knowledge and character can also have on your company and your employees by using his services.

Joe Sanchez
Texas Ranger
Texas Department of Public Safety
Former Colleague (Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Troopers)

Mr. Talamantez’ demeanor exhibits a passion for improving not only compliance, but more importantly safety. His perspective as a former enforcement officer gave us a unique insight into how the DOT regulations, applicable to our company, are actually enforced. He proved to be knowledgeable and practical in his advice, and his approach was that of a coach rather than a regulator. Hire him in confidence. We will be doing so again.

Ward Dow
Ella SA Contracting, LP
DOT Consultation (Audit)

Hiring Santiago Talamantez was one of the best choices B&L could have made. He manages our DOT compliance, as well as our OSHA compliance. We hold monthly, informative meetings for both CDL drivers and shop workers. Santiago is clear as day, breaking down what the actual LAW is and what standards have to be met. We pride ourselves in being SAFE, PROFESSIONAL, AND EFFICIENT. Our drivers and equipment are safer on the road, then they have been before. The one thing that I appreciate and adds tremendous value to what he does, is his availability. I have called both day and night when certain situations arise, and he provides guidance.

Stefan Dunn
Operations Manager
B&L White Enterprises, Inc
Safety / DOT Manager

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